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So the original (and erroneous) caucus results had Mitt Romney winning by 194 votes (we all knew this).
As reported by Ben Swann, Ron Paul picked up an additional 21 votes over Flipper in Waldo county and 16 in Waterville

Now – we’re down to 157

ASSUMING that we GOTV in Washington county and what remains to caucus in (Hancock county?) – I think it’s Hancock county – we still have a hill to climb (just trying to be realistic). We would have to get 158 MORE votes than Flipper in these caucuses in order to “win” Maine.

Last election, John McCain won this county. Which gives me hope. They obviously didn’t like Flipper then and since his numbers THIS election cycle are generally down, I would have to think that they will be down here as well. We MAY get a boost from froshy and Grinch voters but I wouldn’t count on it.

So, in order to pull this off I would think that AT A MINIMUM 500 people would have to caucus – and larger numbers would better and RON Paul would have to pull somewhere in the neighborhood of 70+ percent of the vote. If THOUSANDS show up, as the reporter from the Portland Press Herald intimated COULD happen, then I think our chances are EXCELLENT.
If hundreds show up, I would say, perhaps not.

The Wildcard? Besides the voter turnout I mean – is the RECOUNT. We all know the story of Belfast and how the GOP had already reported numbers (before they got a call from the town committee chairman) that had Romney winning in that town. So – if that happened in Belfast we all know it’s quite possible it happened in other places as well.

Honestly, I don’t think the vote in Washington county is going to make the difference. I think, now that the national spotlight is on the Maine GOP to get this right – that the numbers may look radically different than originally reported because they were obviously reporting fraudulent numbers – at least in some cases – to hand Flipper the win. It’s going to be an interesting story…..

If Romney ends up winning by even 1 vote, the media will continue to ignore the story of what happened here.

One final twist – Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster said on Politico this morning that Romney, not Ron Paul, won Portland by 15 votes. He also said that many emailed vote returns “went to spam”. I don’t trust the Maine GOP as far as I can throw them so it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out….

If Ron Paul ends up winning by even 1 vote (or a 1000) I think the media will CONTINUE to essentially ignore it but it will get at least a little play – let’s face it, we all know the narrative by now. Ron Paul wins – the state doesn’t matter. BUT, IT WILL GET SOME PLAY and it WILL change the narrative some. Let’s hope for the best.


No one but Ron Paul – a message for the GOP.

In a recent article in the Washington times a Mr. Conway stated the following “We actually think there will be strong transferability if he does not get the nomination.”

We, the supporters of Ron Paul for the GOP nomination in 2012 have a message for the GOP establishment. There is NO transferability between our beliefs and whatever establishment candidate the GOP chooses to foist upon the American public as a supposed alternative to Barrack Obama. Whether it be Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama is of no consequence to us. One is just as bad as the other in our view. Both believe in more government, not less. Neither of them considers the oath to the Constitution to be a binding agreement but instead is simply something they can call upon when it suits their needs and disregard otherwise. Both Obama and Romney promise MORE spending, not less. More debt, higher deficits and endless wars.

In short, GOP establishment, you do NOT have our vote unless Ron Paul is the nominee. You may have missed him at CPAC but you will miss his supporters even more in November. We will either vote for a third party candidate, or write him in or even – in some instances, vote for Barrack Obama to ensure that the GOP establishment candidate loses in November. If Ron Paul is not the nominee then the next logical step for us to take is to ensure that Obama is president for another four years so that Rand Paul can run in 2016. Perhaps by then the GOP will have learned that you cannot simply state that you are the party of limited government while simultaneously expanding government and expanding the role of government outside of our borders with endless “police actions” and wars.

The course that the United States is currently embarked upon guarantees that our our government will suffer the same consequences as many European nations are now enduring. Austerity will be forced upon us and in the end, the economy and the currency will fail. Our overseas empire will be forced out of existence and any respect that is left in the global village for the United States of America, will be lost to history. Our children and our grand children will be forced to pay the consequences of decades of failed domestic and foreign policy by members of both major political parties unless change comes swiftly to our nation from a complete change of course.

Only Ron Paul promises (and has shown by action) to obey the supreme law of our land – The Constitution of the United States. Only the Constitution guarantees an outcome that is favorable to the people of the United States, and by extension, to the rest of the world. Only Ron Paul will ensure that we follow the supreme law of the land and Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We have seen how the Republican establishment has manipulated the voting process and the media to attempt to ensure that Mitt Romney receives the nomination and that Ron Paul does not. We are not blind to your deceit. We see how Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity blind their audiences to rationality and to true conservationism and the history of the Republican party. We have seen Ron Paul ridiculed and attacked by the main stream media on all sides as if orchestrated by the Republican party itself – and perhaps it was. We will not move aside and assist the GOP in subverting democracy. We will not “transfer” our votes to Mitt Romney should be become the nominee. We will not now, or ever, shun our responsibility as Americans to do everything in our power to see the corrupt system that now permeates everything in Washington destroyed. You cannot count on us. We do not need you. You need us. We will see you in every primary, every caucus. You will feel it when we vote for someone else in the general election because you will not win. You will feel our presence and we will not go away.


Hello world!

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