Attention GOP. THESE are the reasons you lost the election…

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Politics

I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh – mostly for a laugh because he’s a huge moron and some of the funniest stuff can come out of that overgrown head of his, but also because i get to remind myself what it is about the “core” of the Republican party I truly hate. That “core” of course, would be the hard core, religious right, of the party. These are the people who truly piss off most Americans because their views are so out of sync with the other 80 or 90% of the electorate. Your average, middle of the road American, doesn’t want to hear what they have to say because it’s all hate. Hate for the gays. Hate for freedom (if the freedom you want doesn’t agree with THEIR supposed morality). This particular show happened to be about why the gop lost so badly in this past election cycle…. So, I’ve broken it down for you GOP. Here you go…

1. Immigration… You LOST the Hispanic vote. Why? Because you are a bunch of self serving intolerant pricks. We are ALL immigrants. I’m certain that if some of you actually looked back into your family history, you might find that one or more of your ancestors came here illegally. But they got here, and they stayed, and they became productive citizens, and they helped to further the great American experiment. But, you simply don’t get it. You threw away an entire voting block to play to the nutjob wing of the party.

2. Women… You LOST the vote of women. Why? Because you are a bunch of self serving intolerant pricks. Ya, same reason. Sure, shutting down Planned Parenthood plays to the nutjob wing of your party but in the general election, people just see you as intolerant pricks who want to deny women who don’t have means proper medical care. You are FIXATED on abortion, which is only a small part of what Planned Parenthood does. You also are apparently against condoms which would STOP the abortions. You morons. When will you ever learn? You don’t want abortions. You don’t want to pay for children born to poor people but you don’t want to help them to prevent the pregnancies in the first place. What the hell planet are you from anyway?

3. Gays… You lost the gay vote – completely. Why? Because you are a bunch of self serving intolerant pricks. Are you freaking serious? In the 21st century you want to tell a VERY LARGE voting block that you hate them, are completely against EVER allowing the very basic human right of choosing their partner in life and expect that that won’t hurt you in the election? Not only did you lose THEIR vote but you lost the vote of every single American who sympathizes with them. Morons.

4. Drugs… yup, you lost the vote of people who think that marijuana should be legal and regulated like alcohol and believe that we shouldn’t be throwing millions of our own people in prison for simple possession of any kind of drug, never mind marijuana. Hate to tell you this, but that is a VERY LARGE part of the electorate. And you lost them. Why? Because you are a bunch of self serving intolerant pricks who only believe in states rights or individual rights when the state or the individual is doing, or agrees, with you.

5. Finally, and this is really important. You lost the libertarian wing of YOUR party. We would never vote for Obama. Are you freaking kidding me? No Democrat on the planet has shown that they are willing to cater to a libertarian ideal. At least, somewhere in the depths of the hellish beast you call the GOP, there once was at least lip service to the concept of individual liberty and freedom. You once believed in limited government and states rights. You once believed in individual liberty. You once believed that the government should spend less, not more, and that corporations weren’t more important than people. That is obviously no longer the case and you know what cost you the election? Ron Paul supporters. Even if you discount all the other groups of people that the GOP pissed off, you still could have won. But, you had to treat Ron Paul and his supporters like complete pieces of shit. You stole elections. You fraudulently manipulated the process to keep Ron Paul supporters from being delegates. You literally broke the bones of Ron Paul supporters. You even changed the rules at the last minute to keep Ron Paul from being nominated at the national convention. You did ALL of this, and more, to your people in your own party AND to your own detriment. You gamed out, that in the end, the Ron Paul supporters would vote for Mitt Romney, because, well what else could they do? But you were wrong. Ron Paul supporters did what they HAD to do, they voted third party or the really pissed off ones voted AGAINST Mitt Romney and threw their vote to Obama or they simply didn’t vote.
You know that million votes that Gary Johnson got? That’s a 2 million vote swing – not counting all the other votes that didn’t go to Mitt Romney, but could have, if you had simply played fair and allowed Dr. Paul a fair opportunity to compete and then gave him his moment in the sun if he wasn’t the nominee. But you couldn’t do it and you paid. It cost you the election and I am GLAD it cost you the election. Rush Limbaugh was beside himself on the discussion of this matter – blaming pretty much anyone and anything he could, except for the people who truly cost Mitt Romney the election – the Republican party itself. Now you know. The discussion can begin with why did you feel a need to piss off all of the other voters then end with why did you piss off the one group (and in your party no less) that could have put you over the top anyway.


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