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     After 9/11, I watched in horror as then president George Bush (with the assistance of Congress) slowly but surely dismantled many of our cherished constitutional rights pertaining to search and seizure, privacy, and more. At the time that King George was ruling the roost and our nation was having a discussion about whether or not water boarding was torture (it is) and whether or not we (the United States) could detain suspected terrorists indefinitely without charges or trial, I thought we were in the midst of the worst presidency in my lifetime.

     While I did not vote for Obama in 2008, I did hold a small glimmer of hope that things might improve. So much for hope. I’m glad I maintained my integrity in that election and voted for Ron Paul (as if I had any other choice). This year, again, I will write in Ron Paul in November if necessary but I still have hope that he will be the eventual nominee. We shall see.

     In the meantime, Rick Santorum is really putting Mitt Romney in a bad spot and I have to tell you, if Rick Santorum becomes the nominee for the GOP, well, then we may be looking at the most frightening figure to attempt the presidency in my 50 years on this earth. I know many people who will vote for Ron Paul and will even write him in if necessary but if Santorum wins the nominations, all bets are off. My own daughter, who has campaigned for Paul, donated to his campaign, has flatly stated that she cannot fathom a Santorum presidency and would vote for Obama instead.

     TALK ABOUT BEING BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. Obama, by far, has been far worse for our civil rights and the rule of law than any presidency in my memory. As if it weren’t bad enough that he signed the NDAA, which effectively gives the president the unprecedented power to have the military arrest and detain even American Civilians if he so chooses (or if some future president chooses) without so much as a trial to give the poor soul an attempt at proving his/her innocence. He has also taken it upon himself to set a precedent whereby he can have a (suspected) terrorist eradicated by the military at his sole discretion. As if THAT weren’t bad enough (and it is), he is about to sign into law a direct assault on our first amendment right to assembly and to have a redress of our grievances by signing an onerous act passed by both the Senate and the House, which will make it a FELONY for an American Citizen to protest anywhere NEAR the president or any official who happens to have secret service protection. That means that if Newt Gingrich is having a “rally” and someone happens to disrupt his rally by protesting this or that, they will summarily be arrested and charged with a felony that carries a one year sentence in the federal pen. AND, if said unfortunate person happens to be carrying anything that the government even construes as a weapon, that person could be looking at 10 years for said indiscretion.

     FINALLY, just the other day, his administration made in clear under questioning from Senator Sessions that the military, under his guidance, requires NOTHING from Congress to go to war, start a no fly zone, etc… They made it CLEAR that the Constitution is nothing more to them than an anachronistic tool to be called upon when attempting to whip Americans into a patriotic fever but as the Supreme law of the land, had no use for them. The military feels, under this administration, that they can do anything they please as long as they find a legal footing in THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. The administration flunky informed Senator Sessions that they would inform Congress as to their goings on, after the fact. How nice of them to let the people’s representatives know what they are doing without the permission of the people’s representatives!

     By the way, don’t get the idea that I’m letting Congress off on this. Every one of them that has either voted for the NDAA or some of the highly unconstitutional laws that are getting passed, or simply sat by and said nothing while all this has gone on, is just as culpable as the president in the destruction of the Constitution and it is my personal opinion that ALL of them should be impeached from their current positions. They ALL (including the president) have abdicated their sworn oath to the Constitution of the United States, in favor of a much more insidious, unconstitutional government. That being said….


     WHAT are we supposed to do? Can you IMAGINE what Obama will do if he gets another four years without having to worry about another election? My GOD, I can’t even FATHOM the damage he might wrought in the next four years to our liberties. And Mitt Romney? He’s cut from the same cloth and will simply continue down the same path, although he may not be as bad – who knows? And does it really matter? In the end he would continue the same big government policies endorsed by global corporations that are bringing this nation to it’s knees. BUT, Santorum, is a horse of a different color. I have no doubt in my mind that a Santorum presidency would bring about the destruction of the United States Constitution once and for all and that the collapse of the dollar would happen MUCH more quickly AND that we would be much more hasty to invade other nations because he is highly obsessed with Muslim terrorists and seems to believe that they are hiding under every rock in every nation on the planet. On top of that, he would use his religion to justify using the government’s immense power to invade every facet of our privacy. He is a truly scary man who has no use for the Constitution and wants to use the power of the presidency to enact conservative social reform that would reverse decades of progress on the social front.

     I don’t want to live in Santorums America. I don’t want to live in Obamas America and I’m not sure what kind of damage Mitt Romney will do if he becomes president. So here we are, between a rock and a hard place. Again.


So the original (and erroneous) caucus results had Mitt Romney winning by 194 votes (we all knew this).
As reported by Ben Swann, Ron Paul picked up an additional 21 votes over Flipper in Waldo county and 16 in Waterville

Now – we’re down to 157

ASSUMING that we GOTV in Washington county and what remains to caucus in (Hancock county?) – I think it’s Hancock county – we still have a hill to climb (just trying to be realistic). We would have to get 158 MORE votes than Flipper in these caucuses in order to “win” Maine.

Last election, John McCain won this county. Which gives me hope. They obviously didn’t like Flipper then and since his numbers THIS election cycle are generally down, I would have to think that they will be down here as well. We MAY get a boost from froshy and Grinch voters but I wouldn’t count on it.

So, in order to pull this off I would think that AT A MINIMUM 500 people would have to caucus – and larger numbers would better and RON Paul would have to pull somewhere in the neighborhood of 70+ percent of the vote. If THOUSANDS show up, as the reporter from the Portland Press Herald intimated COULD happen, then I think our chances are EXCELLENT.
If hundreds show up, I would say, perhaps not.

The Wildcard? Besides the voter turnout I mean – is the RECOUNT. We all know the story of Belfast and how the GOP had already reported numbers (before they got a call from the town committee chairman) that had Romney winning in that town. So – if that happened in Belfast we all know it’s quite possible it happened in other places as well.

Honestly, I don’t think the vote in Washington county is going to make the difference. I think, now that the national spotlight is on the Maine GOP to get this right – that the numbers may look radically different than originally reported because they were obviously reporting fraudulent numbers – at least in some cases – to hand Flipper the win. It’s going to be an interesting story…..

If Romney ends up winning by even 1 vote, the media will continue to ignore the story of what happened here.

One final twist – Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster said on Politico this morning that Romney, not Ron Paul, won Portland by 15 votes. He also said that many emailed vote returns “went to spam”. I don’t trust the Maine GOP as far as I can throw them so it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out….

If Ron Paul ends up winning by even 1 vote (or a 1000) I think the media will CONTINUE to essentially ignore it but it will get at least a little play – let’s face it, we all know the narrative by now. Ron Paul wins – the state doesn’t matter. BUT, IT WILL GET SOME PLAY and it WILL change the narrative some. Let’s hope for the best.

No one but Ron Paul – a message for the GOP.

Hello world!

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