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How many of you have noticed the myopic obsession that is the nutjob right of the political spectrum?
When Bush was in office it was the far left nutjobs who could only focus on one thing – getting Bush out of office (a complete waste of energy in the political arena in my opinion) and now, for the last four years, the far right has WASTED all of it’s energy trying to find ways to get Obama out of office – to the point of complete absurdity, I might add – with the “where was he born?” and “why won’t he unseal his college records?” threads of discussion which do NOTHING to help the American people to get their government back from a Congress which has only the interests of it’s corporate sponsors at heart and presidents (a long line of them) who are co-conspirators with Congress to hollow out the Constitution of the United States.

While special interest groups focus on single issue attacks that accomplish nothing, the Washington elite erode our rights right in front of our eyes with the complicity of the main stream media to ensure that our attention is diverted elsewhere, while it happens. I’m sick of it. When are people going to wake up to the political reality that both the Republicans AND the Democrats are nothing more than two heads of a monster that WE created by not paying attention and holding their feet to the fire? Instead, (and in a day and age where information is EASILY attainable on any subject) we allowed Congress and George Bush to begin a systematic attack on our rights after 9/11 and then continued to allow Congress and President Obama to not only continue that attack but escalate it to the point where we not only have lost our privacy rights in the 4th amendment but we now have lost the right to normal jurisprudence in the form of charges, trials, etc.. The attack on our privacy rights is continuing (all in the name of security of course).

The recent rash of emotionally charged attempts to “stop the violence” is simply a continuation of an ongoing war on our freedoms. While the American people are distracted by the media, the government steals our money, sends Americans to fight wars that haven’t been declared by Congress (per the Constitution) and which are distant because the media doesn’t show us the ugly truth of these wars (as they did during Vietnam). While Americans focus on trivial and meaningless topics that are a symptom of how our government functions, the disease is left untreated and we all are worse off for it.