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First off, I want to state that I have nothing against the wealthy. In fact, I wish I could count myself amongst them. Unfortunately, I can’t, but that is besides the point. I want to lay out why I think those who CAN count themselves as being fortunate enough to be considered “wealthy” should pay a higher tax rate and I would also like to state as a non wealthy person, that I am willing to pay more in taxes as well – as long as Washington finally gets it through their collective idiocy that we NEED to cut spending.

Ever since the 1960’s when LBJ and Congress took it upon themselves to combine social security with the general funds, those who have been paying into it have been getting hosed. No corporation in the country would be allowed to pull such a thing on it’s employees with their retirement moneys, but our Congress and the president at the time decided they could get away with it. I mention this because part of the discussion going on now has to do with the Republicans demanding that “entitlements” be looked at in a comprehensive plan to balance the budget. What they apparently refuse to recognize, of course, is that Social Security (and medicaid) would  be solvent if they had simply left it alone and not included those funds in the general funds. Instead, “social security” has a bunch of worthless IOU’s that the government has no hope of ever being able to fulfill. This has absolutely nothing to do with why the wealthy SHOULD pay more in taxes (as should everyone else) but it is a sidebar to the overall discussion.

The reason(s) the wealthy should pay more in taxes is because for the past 30 years, they (and the Congress they own) have worked to increase their wealth by funneling more of the money of the nation upwards into their bank accounts, while simultaneously using Congress to make the rest of the population less wealthy. That is my basic argument and I will lay out the specifics as follows.

The “trickle down theory” The trickle down theory, as proposed by Ronald Reagan was a wonderful, Utopian idea. If we tax corporations and the wealthy LESS, then the money they save in taxes will “trickle down” into the economy and create jobs. Except, that’s not what happened. What really happened was people. People are greedy, merciless creatures and those who benefited from these tax breaks kept the money – plain and simple. And not only did many of them keep the money, they also moved it into offshore accounts where they could hide it and not be taxed on it in the future. This was really the first step in the war on the middle class. I don’t think Reagan intended for it to occur, but it did. The wealthy saved a ton of money on taxes and kept it for themselves. Unfortunately, even though this didn’t work as envisioned, the Republican party is still pushing this agenda of “trickle down” economics even though it has been shown for 30 years not to be a complete failure. Over the intervening years, the wealthy have simply increased their wealth while everyone else has simply gotten less wealthy.

NAFTA and other “free trade agreements”. There was a time, not that long ago, when manufacturing was BOOMING in America. In the late seventies, as a teenager, I was able to find a job virtually at will at any number of manufacturing facilities near where I lived. NAFTA changed all of that. This agreement (along with others to follow) allowed multinational corporations (and their ceo’s) to move good paying jobs with decent benefits (middle class jobs) to overseas markets where they could pay a pittance in wages and benefits and reap the benefits of higher profits. That is AWESOME  for the corporations and their CEO’s – not so good for American workers. As with the theory of trickle down economics, the money moved up the totem pole and the people lower on the totem pole simply felt more pressure from above.

The rest of us simply don’t have anything to give. I’m willing to allow Congress to increase my retirement age in order to help the government get the budget under control (see my thoughts on social security/medicare above), but why should the very people who benefited (by way of lower taxes) be able to continue to receive a lower tax rate while simultaneously asking me to work even longer (I’ve already got 35 years on the tax rolls and counting) than the 50+ years I am already stuck with? The wealthy can retire whenever they please. They don’t HAVE to work 50 or more years if they choose not to. I do. I don’t hold any grudges in that respect. Like I said, I wish I were wealthy too, but it didn’t work out that way. So please, be my guest, increase my social security back to 6.2% instead of the ridiculous 4.2% that it currently is because hey, we have to pay for our futures. 

Interest income – here is where it gets really sticky. There is an “income” tax rate which the wealthy already pay a fairly decent amount on but when it comes to realized income on investments, not so much. This is where Buffet had it right – we should charge more in taxes on investment income. Why? Because people who make money off of the stock market and other investments (and that DOES include me – though to a much lesser extent) are benefiting from the work of average people. IBM or APPLE or whomever only see an increase in profits because they have a decent product and because they require their people to continually improve on their performance. Essentially, their stocks make them money because the people who aren’t rich, work harder. Increased productivity is a wonderful thing but the people who are doing the actual work don’t benefit like the people who invest in their company’s. In fact, in real terms, their wealth is declining at the same time that those who benefit from their work are seeing record profits from that work. That, to me, seems like a fair reason to ask them to pay more in taxes on that income. Also, people are selling out of “dividend” stocks because their taxes on those dividends might go up? PLEASE! I hope my dividend stocks go up! In fact, I might buy some at bargain basement prices. I’ll be happy to pay the extra tax just because I made more money.

Finally, I want to say this. The wealthy should pay more in taxes because THEY created the system that allowed them to benefit so generously in this nation. They bought Congress. They bought the presidency. They got EXACTLY what they wanted by ensuring that people favorable to them got elected and NOW they got “citizens united” from the supreme court – a gift that will surely continue to keep on giving.

Many people will disagree with  me and I’m not saying that those less fortunate shouldn’t pay more in taxes, but I definitely am saying that the wealthy have to stop their complaining and pony up. They got wealthy BECAUSE of the system that they put in place and they should damn well be willing to pay more so they can keep the gravy train rolling.


     After 9/11, I watched in horror as then president George Bush (with the assistance of Congress) slowly but surely dismantled many of our cherished constitutional rights pertaining to search and seizure, privacy, and more. At the time that King George was ruling the roost and our nation was having a discussion about whether or not water boarding was torture (it is) and whether or not we (the United States) could detain suspected terrorists indefinitely without charges or trial, I thought we were in the midst of the worst presidency in my lifetime.

     While I did not vote for Obama in 2008, I did hold a small glimmer of hope that things might improve. So much for hope. I’m glad I maintained my integrity in that election and voted for Ron Paul (as if I had any other choice). This year, again, I will write in Ron Paul in November if necessary but I still have hope that he will be the eventual nominee. We shall see.

     In the meantime, Rick Santorum is really putting Mitt Romney in a bad spot and I have to tell you, if Rick Santorum becomes the nominee for the GOP, well, then we may be looking at the most frightening figure to attempt the presidency in my 50 years on this earth. I know many people who will vote for Ron Paul and will even write him in if necessary but if Santorum wins the nominations, all bets are off. My own daughter, who has campaigned for Paul, donated to his campaign, has flatly stated that she cannot fathom a Santorum presidency and would vote for Obama instead.

     TALK ABOUT BEING BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. Obama, by far, has been far worse for our civil rights and the rule of law than any presidency in my memory. As if it weren’t bad enough that he signed the NDAA, which effectively gives the president the unprecedented power to have the military arrest and detain even American Civilians if he so chooses (or if some future president chooses) without so much as a trial to give the poor soul an attempt at proving his/her innocence. He has also taken it upon himself to set a precedent whereby he can have a (suspected) terrorist eradicated by the military at his sole discretion. As if THAT weren’t bad enough (and it is), he is about to sign into law a direct assault on our first amendment right to assembly and to have a redress of our grievances by signing an onerous act passed by both the Senate and the House, which will make it a FELONY for an American Citizen to protest anywhere NEAR the president or any official who happens to have secret service protection. That means that if Newt Gingrich is having a “rally” and someone happens to disrupt his rally by protesting this or that, they will summarily be arrested and charged with a felony that carries a one year sentence in the federal pen. AND, if said unfortunate person happens to be carrying anything that the government even construes as a weapon, that person could be looking at 10 years for said indiscretion.

     FINALLY, just the other day, his administration made in clear under questioning from Senator Sessions that the military, under his guidance, requires NOTHING from Congress to go to war, start a no fly zone, etc… They made it CLEAR that the Constitution is nothing more to them than an anachronistic tool to be called upon when attempting to whip Americans into a patriotic fever but as the Supreme law of the land, had no use for them. The military feels, under this administration, that they can do anything they please as long as they find a legal footing in THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. The administration flunky informed Senator Sessions that they would inform Congress as to their goings on, after the fact. How nice of them to let the people’s representatives know what they are doing without the permission of the people’s representatives!

     By the way, don’t get the idea that I’m letting Congress off on this. Every one of them that has either voted for the NDAA or some of the highly unconstitutional laws that are getting passed, or simply sat by and said nothing while all this has gone on, is just as culpable as the president in the destruction of the Constitution and it is my personal opinion that ALL of them should be impeached from their current positions. They ALL (including the president) have abdicated their sworn oath to the Constitution of the United States, in favor of a much more insidious, unconstitutional government. That being said….


     WHAT are we supposed to do? Can you IMAGINE what Obama will do if he gets another four years without having to worry about another election? My GOD, I can’t even FATHOM the damage he might wrought in the next four years to our liberties. And Mitt Romney? He’s cut from the same cloth and will simply continue down the same path, although he may not be as bad – who knows? And does it really matter? In the end he would continue the same big government policies endorsed by global corporations that are bringing this nation to it’s knees. BUT, Santorum, is a horse of a different color. I have no doubt in my mind that a Santorum presidency would bring about the destruction of the United States Constitution once and for all and that the collapse of the dollar would happen MUCH more quickly AND that we would be much more hasty to invade other nations because he is highly obsessed with Muslim terrorists and seems to believe that they are hiding under every rock in every nation on the planet. On top of that, he would use his religion to justify using the government’s immense power to invade every facet of our privacy. He is a truly scary man who has no use for the Constitution and wants to use the power of the presidency to enact conservative social reform that would reverse decades of progress on the social front.

     I don’t want to live in Santorums America. I don’t want to live in Obamas America and I’m not sure what kind of damage Mitt Romney will do if he becomes president. So here we are, between a rock and a hard place. Again.

In a recent article in the Washington times a Mr. Conway stated the following “We actually think there will be strong transferability if he does not get the nomination.”

We, the supporters of Ron Paul for the GOP nomination in 2012 have a message for the GOP establishment. There is NO transferability between our beliefs and whatever establishment candidate the GOP chooses to foist upon the American public as a supposed alternative to Barrack Obama. Whether it be Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama is of no consequence to us. One is just as bad as the other in our view. Both believe in more government, not less. Neither of them considers the oath to the Constitution to be a binding agreement but instead is simply something they can call upon when it suits their needs and disregard otherwise. Both Obama and Romney promise MORE spending, not less. More debt, higher deficits and endless wars.

In short, GOP establishment, you do NOT have our vote unless Ron Paul is the nominee. You may have missed him at CPAC but you will miss his supporters even more in November. We will either vote for a third party candidate, or write him in or even – in some instances, vote for Barrack Obama to ensure that the GOP establishment candidate loses in November. If Ron Paul is not the nominee then the next logical step for us to take is to ensure that Obama is president for another four years so that Rand Paul can run in 2016. Perhaps by then the GOP will have learned that you cannot simply state that you are the party of limited government while simultaneously expanding government and expanding the role of government outside of our borders with endless “police actions” and wars.

The course that the United States is currently embarked upon guarantees that our our government will suffer the same consequences as many European nations are now enduring. Austerity will be forced upon us and in the end, the economy and the currency will fail. Our overseas empire will be forced out of existence and any respect that is left in the global village for the United States of America, will be lost to history. Our children and our grand children will be forced to pay the consequences of decades of failed domestic and foreign policy by members of both major political parties unless change comes swiftly to our nation from a complete change of course.

Only Ron Paul promises (and has shown by action) to obey the supreme law of our land – The Constitution of the United States. Only the Constitution guarantees an outcome that is favorable to the people of the United States, and by extension, to the rest of the world. Only Ron Paul will ensure that we follow the supreme law of the land and Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We have seen how the Republican establishment has manipulated the voting process and the media to attempt to ensure that Mitt Romney receives the nomination and that Ron Paul does not. We are not blind to your deceit. We see how Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity blind their audiences to rationality and to true conservationism and the history of the Republican party. We have seen Ron Paul ridiculed and attacked by the main stream media on all sides as if orchestrated by the Republican party itself – and perhaps it was. We will not move aside and assist the GOP in subverting democracy. We will not “transfer” our votes to Mitt Romney should be become the nominee. We will not now, or ever, shun our responsibility as Americans to do everything in our power to see the corrupt system that now permeates everything in Washington destroyed. You cannot count on us. We do not need you. You need us. We will see you in every primary, every caucus. You will feel it when we vote for someone else in the general election because you will not win. You will feel our presence and we will not go away.